Saturday, February 11, 2012

A few words from Luke

I love the simplicity and truth that Luke speaks with.  
I  would love to save our conversations to replay when he is grown.

"I see the moon and the moon sees me."

"Father, Amen"  - Luke's blessing at the table.

"Its murnin time.  The sun turned its lights on." -
 These are the words we here every weekend and holiday before 7 am.
Although I would love to sleep late, I know one day I will miss my personal wake up call.

"When I grow up I am going to marry you"
These words truly gripped my heart, and brought tears to my eyes.

Running into the living room after seeing Layla nursing for the first time - 
"Daddy, Nana, you have to come and see.  My baby sister is eating mom's boob!!"
"I want 5 Layla's."

"Layla is my favorite toy!"

"Santa Came, Santa Came!" -
 Jumping on the bed sharing his Christmas morning excitement with Daddy.

"Roxy is my best friend!"

"You know what I have a great idea...
lets go get something to eat and sit in the car and wait for a train to come by."
It amazes me how a simple trip to Gainesville or Cornelia can turn into such a great adventure.  There is nothing more exciting than being in the car with Luke when the bells start ringing and the arms go down, that means one thing -  Train = A SUCCESSFUL TRIP!!!!

another great idea...
"We can make moonshine.  You need water, corn, sugar, fire, and water.
We can make it in the woods and when the phone rings you run."
Conversation with us after watching the documentary show Moonshiners.

"Daddy you are my best buddy!"
These are the sweet words Justin hears every night.

"I miss you when you when you are at work."

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