Friday, April 13, 2012

Half a Year



It amazes me how fast the last six months have gone.  You have conquered a lot in 182 days.  You are a tiny little gift full of great surprise.  You rolled over before you were three months old, now you are crawling all over the house.  You shocked us all by pulling yourself up to a standing position.  It is so cute to see all 23 inches of you standing tall.

You are still teeny tiny.  You weigh a little over 14 pounds.  Dr. Melanie says you are as healthy as can be,  just a petite little girl.  Your little size comes with a few newborn habits.  You still get up 3 to 4 times a night to nurse, you prefer to be wrapped up in your blanket, and sleep best when you are in my arms.

We have learned that you are quite the actress and your audience of choice has to be Luke. Whether you are spitting your food, projecting your pacifier, or squealing at the top of your lungs you seem to perform  best if Luke is watching.  He can turn your smile into a deep belly laugh just by saying your name.  The bond between the two of you is amazing!

We look forward to the coming years as we treasure every moment with our sweet baby girl.  God gave our family exactly what we needed: a tender hearted, red hair, blue eye, beautiful baby girl full of personality.

Happy Six Months Layla Faith!

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